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Amount of Exercise You Should Do To Maximize Your Workouts

For most of us, our default inclination is to sit and relax as much as possible. In other words, most of us are born lazy, and life situations push us to be proactive and purposeful to achieve our goals. There are the essential everyday errands that we must run, such as taking the garbage out, doing laundry, going grocery shopping, and going to work.

These activities are essential, but they are not enough exercise for someone
who wants a fit and healthy body.

We all need to set aside time for working out, be it in the gym, at home, or even in the office. Working out can take different forms, including dancing to your favorite songs and jogging around the estate early in the morning or in the evening. 

There is, however, a recommended amount of workout that any adult should adhere to for them to say that they are fit.

Most health experts propose a minimum of 150(!) minutes per week, which
translates to 30 minutes every day for five days a week.

To get to that 150 minutes per week, you need to be very intentional and consistent in your workout planning.

You should plan your workout schedule in the most practical way possible such that it does not interfere with your work-, family-, or anything else-related activities. Remember, this is a bare minimum if you can set aside more than 30 minutes a day, the better for you because you will achieve your fitness goals much faster.

Other factors, such as gender, current weight, and the foods you eat will play a significant role in determining how fast you will achieve your fitness goals. This means that the recommended amount of exercise will vary from person to person, and will mainly be influenced by the factors mentioned above.

The other important factor that will determine how much time you need to dedicate to working out is the goal you want to achieve. For some, it is simply weight loss, while others want to tone different parts of their bodies, build muscles, or just become physically fit.

How long should you work out to lose weight?

Obesity is a nightmare today, and this is because of the lifestyle habits we have adopted. Kids are spending more time on screens instead of playing outside. Adults drive to work and sit the whole day. We all eat fast food all day long. 

For you to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight, you need to have your work out well planned. Whether you will put in more time than the recommended 150 minutes, a week is up to you to decide.

The truth, however, is that you will need to get out of your comfort zone.

The thing with working out is that any time your body does not sweat it out means that workout does not have any impact. As you get used to it, you should increase the time, and even adopt high-intensity exercises.

If you are running, for example, you should increase the distance and speed with time. For other varied workouts, you should increase the reps.

Because of our busy schedules, we find ourselves working out in solitary most of the time. Even at gym sessions, we prefer a one on one with the trainer because having a schedule that will favour two or more people at a go can be tricky.

However, you should try to be part of group aerobics, boot camps, and Zumba
sessions even if it is once in a fortnight or once a month.

It is refreshing, and you also get to interact with other people and share ideas and challenges that are related to workouts and fitness.

How many Exercises per workout?

How many exercises per workout is determined by the factors mentioned above and the amount of time that you can afford to spare out of your busy schedule.

Planning for the number of exercises you will be doing per workout session will help you make better use of the little time available.

A balance is needed here because too little exercise will not bear much fruit, while too much of it will leave fatigued for no good reason. One workout session should have not more than four exercises. This will enable you to dedicate a reasonable time for each exercise, and for this reason, you will see results much faster.

You need to schedule your work out such that by the end of the week, you have done most exercises, and you have also worked out all parts of your body.

The need to achieve the following should drive your choice of schedule
● Have at least 15 reps of each exercise per workout session
● Work out each major muscle at least twice in a week
● Lift a reasonably heavyweight to generate muscle fatigue
● Achieve a ratio of 80/20 for compound and isolation exercises relatively
With proper planning, all this can be achieved by scheduling 3-4 exercises in a day.

This plan works out well for anyone irrespective of whether you intend to lose weight, burn fat, build muscle, tone up, or boost your health and fitness. 
Schedule one Primary Exercise in each work out session.

Primary exercises include squats, deadlifts, bench presses, overhead presses, and the pull-up. As you plan your workout week, you should schedule only one of these for each day and assign the most time.

The reason why you should concentrate more on the primary exercise is that primary exercises work out many groups of muscles at once, and they are easy to overload. 

Each of the primary exercises has different variations, and this is what you should work with when developing your schedule.

Select secondary exercises

Secondary exercises come after the primary exercise of the day. They are less intense and can cover up for the main exercise when, for one reason or another, you are unable to carry on with a primary exercise. 

Examples of secondary exercises include lunges, step-ups, split squats, kettlebell swings, dumbbell sumo deadlifts, and push-ups, among others.

Some of the secondary exercises such as step-ups require resistance bands which can be obtained at Ula movement.

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