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Find Out Your Body Type and Learn What Type of Training Works Best For You

body type training
A huge part of starting your fitness journey is understanding your body type and what works best for you. Body types? Is this your first time hearing about it? If so, no need to worry. Today’s post is all about that.
Ever since ancient times, scientists and super-smart people have spoken and written all about this. Starting from Plato and Nietzsche, all the way to the American psychologist William Sheldon, they all agreed there are three body types: Ectomorph, Endomorph, and Mesomorph.

How to know what body type you have?

In the research that we've made by Jessica Migala and then medically reviewed by Kelly Kennedy, RD we found that it's crucial to define your body type. To make this much simpler for you, we will describe each group and then move on to what this means for you and your fitness journey. No need to panic though, we’re all in this together.
Here they are:
  • Ectomorphs are lean and long. What does this mean? They don’t have much body fat nor muscle and can eat tons of food without gaining weight. In general, they appear with a weak physique but they can be and get strong, fit, and muscular but with much more effort and calorie surplus.
  • So to Ectomorphs, Endomorphs have high body fat and the tendency to store even more. Generally, they have a wider physique, most often are pear-shaped (wider hips and shorter limbs). When they gain weight, they have a hard time losing it. Yet, when compared to Ectomorphs they have higher muscle mass.
  • Mesomorphs are built most and are into sports. They are muscular and can build more muscles with ease, have a fast metabolism, are generally fit, and can get in shape faster than the other two body types.
Have you found yourself looking at the mirror? Trying to find in which category you belong to? Stressing over this? Andrew Payne explained it very thoroughly, you can check it here.  
Stop now, there is no need. Knowing which type of body type you have is not a verdict, it’s a fact that might help you train better and smarter, eat healthier and more appropriate food, and achieve your goals faster.
We’re saying you shouldn’t obsess over it because there are also the so-called “in-betweeners” who are a “mix” of two types. This means that their training program could need a combination of two methods.
Regardless of your characteristics and body type, getting lean and fit it’s not an impossible task.

Types of Training for every Body Type

Now that you can classify yourself into one type or another, here is how you should train.
Ectomorphs, as mentioned are thin, lean, and lack muscle mass (and have a hard time gaining muscle mass).
What to do?
  • First things first, Ectomorphs must ditch the high-intensity aerobic workouts such as running and both statistic and outdoor bike rides, and focus on strength, resistance training, and compound moves such as deadlifts, squats, overhead and flat bench press, and rows. Omit nutrition, a higher protein, carbs, and fats intake is suggested, to prompt muscle gain.
  • According to the characteristics of our next category, Endomorphs – the main accent should be put on versatile fat-loss techniques with high intensity to achieve the desired results. Resistance training in combination with consistent aerobic workouts that will help improve the cardiorespiratory function, speed up the metabolism, and boost the energy levels are essential. Omit nutrition, for this body type would be a low-calorie diet but high in protein with the goal of being in a calorie deficit.
  • The Mesomorphs, who can gain muscle mass without much effort, they should lift weights and have regular aerobic workouts. Although with a genetic predisposition to be lean and fit, they are not immune to gaining weight so they should keep an eye on what they eat without any specific diet
Regardless of the body type you belong in, staying consistent and determined to achieve your fitness goals is key in every journey. Remember, we are all different.
Listen to your body, love yourself, and the progress will follow.
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