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How To Design The Perfect Peach Shaped Booty

design peach booty

The shape of the booty is an essential aspect for any woman who minds her body shape. It is possible to have a perfect waistline, well-toned muscles, but with a sagging booty.

grow your glutes

The quickest fix to this booty issue is probably wearing a butt lifting undergarment, but then again, what happens on that day when you cannot get hold of one? See, this is temporary.

The best solution on how to design peach booty is engaging in a booty workout that will leave you with a firm and well-toned butt.

Booties are classified into four main categories; round shape, pear-shaped, inverted shape, and square shape. These shapes are not definite since some women are neither here nor there. It is, however, essential to understand where your booty 'fits in'  so that you can get into the right workout regime.

Again, because of the different booty types, the results of the exercise also differ from one person to another. This means some will be rounder or more prominent than others, this is perfectly fine. The common goal should be to have a well-toned and firm booty.

To get a juicy peach shaped booty, you need to grasp a few key workout routines that you can do from home and without having to invest in any equipment. Well, you might decide to incorporate some weights and bands. The booty muscles are the largest your body has, and this means you will need more effort to tone them, compared to other parts of the body.

Here are some of the guidelines on how to get a bigger butt fast, that you can explore at the comfort of your home to lose butt fat. We have categorized them into different butt shapes so that you can pick the most relevant. 

Square Shaped Booty


We cannot talk about how to get a bigger butt fast without mentioning Lunges. They come in two variations, namely, lunge with rotation and curtsy lunge.

For the lunge with rotation, you need a dumbbell which you will hold in front of your chest. You should then descend to the lunge position and ensure your knee bends at 90 degrees and is also aligned with the ankle of the other leg.
Rotate your upper body and dumbbell towards that leg that is in front. Do 15 reps on each leg, before taking a break. For a starter, the 15 reps will be enough, but as you get used, you can do 30 or more, with breaks in between.

After you are done with the lunge on rotation, you should now do the curtsy lunge where you are required to cross your right leg behind the left at an angle of 45 degrees, bring it back to the default position, and repeat. Do 15 reps before switching to the other leg.

Side Leg Workouts

Here we have two types of workouts, which side leg lifts and squat with lateral
raise. We will start with the side leg lifts. You are required to lie on your side and fold the lower hand such that your head rests on it. With your legs stretched, raise the upper leg and bring it down in slow motion.

To make this workout more intense, you can incorporate resistance bands. The resistance will help you achieve your firm booty much faster. Do 15 reps before turning to the other side. For a beginner, that will be enough, but you can add more reps as you progress. 

The other side leg workout is squat with a lateral raise. Here you will be required to stand with your legs apart and move down to the squat position while pushing your hips to the back. While coming back up, you raise your leg to the side with a flexed foot. Do 15 reps on one side, then turn to the other side and do another 15 reps.

Round Shaped Booty


This is a type of glute workout that resembles the ballet dance. You first need to stand with your feet wide apart, beyond the hip-width. You should then position your legs such that the toes are facing away from each other. Lower yourself down until your knees form a deep bend, then subsequently straighten up. Do 15 reps for starters, and then you can increase with time. This work out will help you build booty while losing weight.

Lunge matrix

With the left leg in front of the right one, do a forward lunge then get back to position. Repeat this motion with the other leg. Do 15 reps on each leg, and another 15 reps of backward lunges for each leg. For the best results, your movements should flow, and you should only rest between the forward and backward sets. 

Pear-Shaped Booty

Heart-shaped booties need workouts that will round them up a bit and firm them. These include lateral resistance walks and single-leg squats. 

Lateral resistance walks

This is a resistance band workout that will require you to purchase resistance bands from Ula. Wear the band on your calves such that you can feel the tension when standing with your feet hip-width apart. While standing upright and engaging your abs muscles, move your right leg to the side. Follow with the left leg such that your feet are back in position. Repeat this at least 15 times. 

Single leg squats

For this routine, you will need a chair as a depth guide and also to support you. You are required to lift your right leg and push it to the front while balancing on your left leg.

Your arms should spread out in front of you to offer extra balance.
In that position, squat gently on the balancing leg and maintain a straight back. While at it, push your hips back so that the muscles can feel the effect. Do at least 15 reps.

Inverted Booty

This kind of booty needs some lifting and toning. You need more Goblets squats and All-Fours Lateral Raises, which are both glute activation workouts.

Goblet Squats

Stand in a position whereby your feet are wider apart than hip-width. You can use weights for this workout, or you can do without them. Hold your arms, with or without the weights at chest level, and squat as low as you can go.
If you can manage to fold your knees below 90 degrees, the better for you. Ensure, however, that your feet remain flat on the floor. Come back up and repeat the movement at least 15 times.

All-Fours Lateral Raises

Get to the ground on All-Fours with your hands positioned below the shoulders and knees directly below the hips. Without straightening the leg, lift one knee until it is at the same level as the hips.
Bring it down, and do not let the knee touch the ground. Repeat at least 15 times before switching to the other leg.

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