4 Little Hacks to Stay Motivated When Working Out From Home

It is obvious that working out in some form on a regular basis is proven to be extremely beneficial for your physical health in the long run. Not to mention helping to alleviate some of the stress you may be experiencing.  

However, finding the time and space to exercise while at home is far easier said than done. Many people don’t like spending time at gyms or even outdoors, but we have to try our best to make do with our domestic surroundings. 
We made a research and have spoken to fitness experts in order to provide their top tips for ways you can stay motivated to workout from home, in addition to some examples of exercises you can try. 

1. Make a Comfortable Space in your home

Comfortable space for working out is important, so you’ll want to make sure you have adequate space to do your workout without risking injury. Make sure you can have any equipment you need, too, and that it’s a spot you actually want to spend time at. Do you need a couch, chair, or larger screen? Do you like having a window close by?  

Once you find a space that accommodates all those requirements, make the effort to transform it into a workout zone when you need it. It sounds silly, but my routine changed immensely once I invested in a yoga mat. There’s something about rolling out the mat on the floor that immediately puts me in the right mindset: OK, it’s time to work out.

2. Find a time that works for you, and stick to it

If you’re not a morning person, chances are you’re not going to be able to wake up at 6.am. And complete a 40-minute yoga routine before your morning coffee. Many people, after dinner, lose all the motivation. So, find an hour of time that works for your schedule and your personality, and mark it on your calendar as non negotiable. If you can’t book an entire hour, try 30 minutes twice a day.  

3. Do Something Productive, If It Helps

When you're at home and there are dishes piled up in the sink, books to read, and shows to watch, working out can feel like a waste of an hour. At least, that's what it was like for me. To counter this, I started listening to NPR while I worked out, which made that time feel so much more productive. You could do the same with a podcast, an audio book, or even episodes on Netflix.

4. Dress for your success

Now more than ever, it’s acceptable to wear spandex just about anywhere. Take advantage of the trend and throw on gym clothes as soon as possible, at every given opportunity. Why? Well, one study suggests that simply wearing workout gear can help motivate you to exercise.

“On workdays I come home and change into my workout clothes before anything else, and on weekends I put them on first thing in the morning,” says Antoinette Schopenhauer of New York City. “That way I have no excuses later.”

The best way to motivate yourself to work out at home is to find a routine you truly enjoy, so your at-home workout doesn’t feel like work. Then, control as many factors as you can to set yourself up for success and make it a habit. Sure, the couch looks damn good when you come home after a long day, but sinking into it will feel so much better after you’ve earned it.

If you’d like to know more about ways to get motivated for a morning workout, read this article.

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