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6 Exercises To Tone Your Legs Like Kylie Jenner

Strong Well Toned Legs. They are not only appealing, but they give your body much better support. Legs are a part of the lower body, and as such lower body exercises also benefit the legs. This part of the body accumulates fats much faster, and this is the reason why you need to be on the move.

Running or jogging is the most fundamental lower body exercise, but more specific to legs is the leg day workouts. The most common phrase used by trainers is you should never skip a leg day. There are many reasons behind this, but the basic one is that your body needs to be toned uniformly. Remember, we said that most calories accumulate in the lower body. This
means that you should work out the lower body twice as much as the upper body.

Running after a leg day can be traumatic for most people because of the sore muscles. There are, however, some simple steps that can be followed to make leg day a bit more favorable.

Never forget to warm up

Stretching exercises are of absolute importance since they improve blood circulation throughout the body. After an intense leg day, you should do stretches and your leg muscles will thank you later.

The results will be better when you do the warm-ups both before and after the workout. This will ensure your legs are not stiff or painful. Hence you can go jogging/running afterwards. 

Bite only what you can comfortably swallow

No one has ever achieved their fitness goals by doing a week's exercise in one day. So go easy on yourself and only take up what you can handle. If you overstretch yourself, you might end up hurting yourself, hence needing some time off to recover. This will be counterproductive to your goals.

When you learn how to balance between running and leg workouts, you will get your desired legs much faster and without much injury. When starting on leg workouts, however, you should expect to bear some pain.

The intensity of the pain depends on whether you have been working out in the past or not. You might need to do some slight running after the exercise so that your legs can get used to the activities much faster.

There are many leg day workouts, but here are the most common that will help you achieve your leg goals. Before starting, remember that consistency is key, and again Rome was not built in a day. SO PREPARE FOR A GRIND!

1. Squats

Squats are one of the most common workouts that are done without equipment. They fit so well with our busy schedules because all you need is some little space and the determination to get those Kylie Jenner legs.
Squats are recommended for people with a back problem (and this is almost everyone who sits in the office the whole day). In case you need more support, you can do them while standing adjacent to a wall or a chair to hold on to. 

2. Cycling

Many people enjoy cycling and even prefer using a bicycle to get to work or run errands. If you ride your bike frequently, then you are closer to getting the perfect legs. If, however, you are in the category of people who drive to work, sit the entire time and drive back home late in the evening, you might need an indoor stationary bicycle.

This will be convenient for you because you can ride for a few minutes before going into the shower in the morning and the evening after work. Slowly by slowly, day by day without giving up, you will start seeing changes in your legs. Once again, the keyword here is consistency.

3. Rope Skipping

For this exercise, you will only need a skipping rope, which is available in almost all stores. Once again, this is a good exercise for busy office people because you need to set your targets and spare a few minutes. You can spare at least 15 minutes for the sake of your health and good looks.

Imagine the Kylie Jenner kind of legs, legs that will allow you to wear your minis and booty shorts without feeling awful. Get yourself a skipping rope and do this everyday, possible morning and evening, then we meet on the other side with our sexy legs to celebrate the achievement.

4. Step-Ups

Step-ups are easy and can also be done at home. You will need to find a raised platform, and possibly one whose height you can adjust. The repetitive up and down movements will help tone your hips, butt, and thighs. Soon enough, if you stay the course, you will be flaunting your well-toned legs, which will even appear to be taller.
The leg day platforms are sold on sporting stores, and you can get several of them to enable you to stack them and create a higher platform. You will need to increase the height with time for better results. 

5. Lying leg extensions

This workout is an alternative to squats and is done while lying on a flat surface. You will first need to purchase a resistance band. You should then find a comfortable but firm place and lie down on your back. Position the resistance band under the sole of your foot while the knee is in a bent position. You will hold the other end of the band with both hands and push the leg towards a straight position and back to the folded position. Repeat this movement 15 times before switching legs.

6. Lunges

Lunges are the most common leg workouts and also the most effective. The results are visible much faster when the ballerina lunges. Ballet lunges are lunges done in ballet motions.
You stand in a ballerina position and lift your heels, and lunge down. The key here is to stretch your legs as much as you can. Do around 15 reps then switch the legs. For best results, your chest should be in a lifted position, and abs pulled in. This is something you can do in your bedroom as you prepare for the shower in the morning and in the evening. With consistency, Kylie Jenner will have nothing on you.


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