build your booty –

How It Works?

The science of booty isn’t that hard when you have the three essential parts of the equation:


Advanced Resistance

Üla Loops aren’t your typical resistance bands. After years of working out with inadequate equipment and hundreds of snapped bands, we worked hard to bring you ones that ACTUALLY WORK.

Strong resistance means more power, more durability, and better results. All that equals your BEST BOOTY EVER.



A Professional Workout Plan That Brings Results

Working out without proper guidance will lead you nowhere. Often, to a world of hurt & disappointment. With us, you get the professional guidance & tips, structured to tone your body and give you the booty you dreamed of.

Üla Movement Masterclass will utilize your Üla Loops to the maximum, and get you those curves where you want them!



Consistency & Availability

Getting through a program can be tough, and developing positive habits can be hard. That’s why you need your program to be effective, time-saving, and available anywhere.

With Üla Loops your messy bun is not a problem. You don’t even have to leave your room, or put your sports bra on! You just check the Masterclass schedule, get your loops, and start working out – whenever and wherever you want.


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