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Üla Movement Masterclass

Ula Movement Masterclass is a complete workout program designed for you to follow using Ula loops, all in order to shape your body, improve your health & posture, and create the habit of movement.

The Masterclass Contains:


We know that the proper exercise form brings results and prevents injury. That’s why we created explainer videos to guide you through the exercises and bring the best results.

5 modules to follow

Warmup | Foundation | Movement | Booty Attack | Booty Attack 2 Each module consists a complete workout video and through video explanations of every exercise.

8-week workout schedule

Schedule your workouts and follow your progression. Downloadable PDF file with the programe you can print out for a dose of inspiration and encouragement to complete the training.

This Üla Masterclass is password protected for our customers only - please log in with your account and fill in password.
If you previously bought one of our products and therefore don't have a password, drop us a message on instagram or send an email to with your order number.